Leaders Show Faith Against Fracking During Pope’s Visit

Earlier this year, Pope Francis called for decisive climate action in his Encyclical Letter. Now, while the Pope is visiting the U.S. for the first time, faith leaders across the country are speaking out against fracking—a form of extreme fossil fuel extraction that hurts our health and communities, contributes to climate change, and will prolong our dependence on oil and gas at the expense of the development of truly renewable energy.  

Today, Food & Water Watch is previewing a Faith Against Fracking video with messages from faith leaders of various denominations from across the country, as the Pope addresses Congress on the Hill, and as activists call for moral action for climate justice on the mall outside the Capitol.

Faith Against Fracking Northern CA Film Premiere!

Please join us for the Northern California Premiere of the film Faith Against Fracking

Faith Against Fracking is an inspirational documentary exploring the intersection of various California communities, and our collective responsibility to steward the planet off of toxic fossil fuels and onto a truly clean energy economy. Together, the Faith Leaders in the film call on Governor Brown, as a person of faith himself, to ban these deleterious practices. Throughout the film, the faith leaders focus on a number of different spiritual themes, which hold true across faith traditions, including protecting creation and honoring the golden rule. 

Faith And Fracking Film to be Screened Across the State

The Faith Against Fracking campaign is in motion, and building up momentum to call on Governor Brown, as a former faith leader himself, to put a moratorium on fracking and other extreme methods of fossil fuel extraction.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a short documentary featuring faith leaders from across the state and across traditions explaining the connections between religious and spiritual practice, and the moral imperative to take action to stop the fossil fuel industry from ravaging the health of people, communities, and the environment.